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What People Are Saying About Insight Tutoring 

Discover what students and parents are saying about their experience with our tutoring services. At Insight Tutoring, we take immense pride in not only helping students achieve their academic goals but also in building a supportive and enriching learning environment. Through personalized teaching with different learning styles, dedicated tutors, and a commitment to growth, we have had the privilege of witnessing countless success stories. Keep reading to explore the genuine feedback from our valued students. Their stories reflect the heart of our mission: to inspire students to realize their potential, create relationships, and succeed together. 

"Caring, Hardworking, focused. There are many more words to describe Cynthia and her way of helping me excel in the classroom, a tutor who is determined and legitimately cares for your success and improvement in whatever class you may be struggling in. Every session that I participated in with Cynthia she was always prepared, knew what I was learning that week in class before I could even tell her. Within only an hour I was more prepared and had learned more about finite mathematics than I had in the classroom. Cynthia was very very good at picking up on the ways I learned and what helped me learn, I can think of countless times where she gave me a word or some unique indication specifically to help me remember a formula. She is very dependable and very dedicated to her students, I cannot think her enough for how much she has helped me." -Charles Warren

"Would not have been able to succeed in finite without the help from Rachel and insight tutoring. Very pleased with the help. "-Bobby Pavelonis

"I knew after my first few Finite classes I needed a tutor to fully understand the coursework. I was talking about it to someone and they recommended Cynthia. She was so helpful and knew exactly what she was doing. I struggled with so many concepts and she came up with ways to memorize a lot of different problems that were very useful. My goal at the beginning was to pass the class with at least a C but I ended up passing with a B and a compliment from the instructor. I could not have done that without her and I strongly recommend her for a tutor!" -Isabella Hinken

"Would not have made it through calculus or finite without these girls! They explain everything so well leaving me no longer confused. Will definitely always go to insight tutoring when I need help!" -Reese Heinrich

"I could not have made it through my finite class with our Insight tutoring. I have never understood something so quickly until I started meeting with them. They explain every problem in such a detail way and work with you until you really have it down. They prepare you so well for each test or homework assignment. They are so understanding and love working with students." -Abby Oberle

"Insight tutoring has helped me succeed so much in my college experience. By far one of the best tutoring companies out there that want you to excel and get the grade you are wanting. They truly pour their heart into you making it a phenomenal experience. This company makes it feel like you are meeting with one of your best friends weekly to help you in a class. I wouldn't have the grades I do if it wasn't for them. They teach you a variety of ways to help you so you can best understand the program. I am truly so thankful for insight tutoring." -Madee Fischer

"SHEA is amazing! Legit helped me passed finite and legit an amazing and awesome person! These girls will help you get through the tough math classes! Best tutoring!" -Emma Oehlrich

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